Monday, July 30, 2012

WATCH | What Appears to Be the iPhone 5 Being Assembled from Parts

CHOO CHOO! Hype train a-comin'.

No more than a couple days after we get "factory-leaked" iPhone 5 candids that support rumors of a redesign, this video surfaces on Verge — is this the iPhone we know and love?

This video brings together all the new iPhone 5 components and redesigns mentioned in recent scuttlebutt and seen in recent leaks and shows that they do indeed fit together as a device:
  • The rage-inducing 19-pin port for charging (that's right, prepare for NEW CORDS, SUCKERS)
  • Two-tone color scheme
  • Taller, unibody design
  • Black and white home buttons
Hardware innards and specs are undocumented as of now, by leak or official leak, and it's still uncertain how much of what we see here is legitimate. The fact that the same design is being reported from multiple sources seems hopeful that this is the new iPhone.

Thoughts? Concerns? Like the new design? Let us know in the comments!

VIA: Gizmodo
SOURCE: The Verge

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