Saturday, June 30, 2012

[WATCH] Legend of Grimrock's Map Editor in Action

Just a couple months ago, Finnish dev Almost Human dusted off a trusty yet dated genre with as much style and panache as one would expect from a AAA blockbuster studio. 

Legend of Grimrock was a very well-written love letter to the ancient PC lineage of Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder. The crafty puzzles, frantic real-time combat and a wholly unique, enveloping atmosphere could suck in the older, nostalgic dungeon delvers and first-timers alike. 

The experience is about to become a lot more enveloping as Almost Human is getting ready to drop their streamlined dungeon editor toolset. You can watch a short tutorial in the video above.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[GOOGLE I/O] Hands-On with the Nexus 7 Tablet

Hugo Barra, Director of Google Product Management holds up the new Google Nexus 7 / AP Photo
Google's I/O conference is in full swing today through Friday at the Moscone Center in San Fran. One of the marvelous new toys they brought for show-goers: the Nexus 7 Android tablet.

Gizmodo copped a few feels on the show floor and has made a weighty judgment call:

"There is zero reason to buy a Kindle Fire over this... Your move, Amazon."

[WATCH] 'Meet the Pyro', Then 'Meet the Source Filmmaker'

The last of Valve's Team Fortress 2 shorts was loosed unto the world today, almost five years after the game's release. If you haven't watched the above video yet - WHAT ARE YOU DOING IT'S HILARIOUS. 

"Meet the Pyro" lives up to the reputation established by all the previous shorts - slick, quality animation, gut-busting laughs and a Pixar-esque attention to detail and facial expression.

"But the Pyro has no facial expression!" you're saying. That allows Valve a unique direction in portraying everyone's favorite monstrous, muffled mongoloid.

But there's one more surprise for TF2 fans today - hit the jump to hear all about it...

[WATCH] The Dream Eaters in the New Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Trailer

First, there was the Heartless, then the Nobodies; now, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance introduces new, cute little beasties to wallop with a giant key. 

They're called the Dream Eaters and the above video suggests they'll be deeply customizable. Players can breed monsters (a lá Shin Megami Tensei's demon fusion system) to give them new abilites and "bond" with them through minigames or by petting their fruit cocktail-themed manes with a cold, plastic stylus.

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is set to drop for Nintendo's 3DS on July 31 at $39.99.

SOURCE: Joystiq

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Square-Enix CEO Feels FFVII Is Franchise's Best

I feel like an age-old struggle is grinding away into dust - finally.

Some will tell you that when fanboys wage war, there are no winners. Final Fantasy VII fanboys, however, just won, big time.

At a recent shareholders meeting, Square-Enix CEO Yoichi Wada was asked about the public's ever-present clamor for a remake of 1997's JRPG classic. See? Even nameless, faceless moneybags who know nothing of the franchise want an FFVII remake. What's the holdup?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

[WATCH] New CGI Footage That Shows... Thief 4!?

Here's the first semi-legit footage from Thief 4. EGMNow's wonderful Matthew Bennett sniffed this one out early today and although it's but a scant morsel, those familiar with the franchise will be very piqued.

This video comes to us from Goldtooth Creative, the talent behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution's exemplary CGI cutscenes. As Bennett reports, the studio seems to be in a bit of a scrape as development is rumored to have slowed. All the evidence suggests the revival of the Thief series could make a huge splash in the next generation.

It's pretty grainy but watchable. It appears to be from an intro of some sort, showing the titular thief, Garrett, suiting up and flashing his gadgets around.

Look cool? Let us know what you think. Which Thief title was your favorite?


[WATCH] 'Walter' the Water Droplet Melt Your Heart

With what appears to be a solid winner in the currently parched "cute and endearing platformer" genre, French indie studio Blossom Minds gives us some much-needed Walter. 

Did you know you're at least 80% Walter

You need as much Walter as possible. But, you'll have to stick it out until sometime in 2013, when Walter charms the pants off XBLA, PSN and Steam (which is unintentionally another satisfying water pun.)

Mmmm... refreshing!

SOURCE: Joystiq

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Six Amazing and Unsung New Features of iOS 6

Associated Press
With all the hubbub that's always swirling around iOS update time, it's easy to miss out on some potentially life-changing new features nestled in the tried-and-true operating system. Ok, so these won't eclipse your wedding day or your firstborn but it just might be better than the first time you watched Godfather Part II.

Monday, June 11, 2012

[PREVIEW] Wii U Functionality in Pikmin 3 Was M.I.A.

As always, the unfailingly chipper Shigeru Miyamoto was on stage at Nintendo's E3 keynote. Last year he was showing Skyward Sword. This time, he brought a red Pikmin with him in the breast pocket of his jacket.

[WWDC 2012] MacBooks Are Now on Steroids - Here's What You Need to Know

Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage at the 2012 Worldwide Developers' Conference in San Francisco.
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple Inc. on Monday said it's introducing a laptop with a super-high resolution "Retina" display, setting a new standard for screen sharpness.

The new MacBook Pro will have a 15-inch screen and four times the resolution of previous models, Apple executive Phil Schiller told developers at a conference in San Francisco on Monday.

[FAN-MADE] Half-Life Revamp Not Dead Yet - Here's the Screens to Prove It

It's been eight long, worrisome years since the Half-Life community first started raving about Black Mesa: Source, a full-on redressing of Valve's classic opus.

Although all's been quiet on the dev front for some time but Kotaku caught the screenshots released this morning which could keep hope alive.

Hit the jump to see how Black Mesa is evolving.