Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Six Amazing and Unsung New Features of iOS 6

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With all the hubbub that's always swirling around iOS update time, it's easy to miss out on some potentially life-changing new features nestled in the tried-and-true operating system. Ok, so these won't eclipse your wedding day or your firstborn but it just might be better than the first time you watched Godfather Part II.

iPhone users are getting a virtual home for coupons, tickets and passes with Passbook, across the board Facebook integration and a makeover for Siri (although she still doesn't have a creepy, floating woman face - seriously, get with the program.)

But, as always, it's the little things that count. Gizmodo's got a list of six that they're psyched about - here's a rundown:
  • Alarm tones can now be set to any song in your music library

  • Revamped sharing menu, replete with homepage-style icons for ease of clickin'

  • All your nosey little apps in one place - a complete list of all the apps that want information from you

  • Your vernacular is in the cloud. Use a word repeatedly (no matter what it is) and your iOS6 iPhone will remember it

  • A redesign of the music app, making it look more like the silver-gray OS X

  • iTunes store gets a renovation to make it look more like Apple TV's interface
Aaand that's about it. Did we leave any of your favorites out? What are you looking forward to most in the iOS 6 update (coming to an iPhone near your pocket soon.)

Let us know in the comments!

SOURCE: Gizmodo

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