Saturday, June 30, 2012

[WATCH] Legend of Grimrock's Map Editor in Action

Just a couple months ago, Finnish dev Almost Human dusted off a trusty yet dated genre with as much style and panache as one would expect from a AAA blockbuster studio. 

Legend of Grimrock was a very well-written love letter to the ancient PC lineage of Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder. The crafty puzzles, frantic real-time combat and a wholly unique, enveloping atmosphere could suck in the older, nostalgic dungeon delvers and first-timers alike. 

The experience is about to become a lot more enveloping as Almost Human is getting ready to drop their streamlined dungeon editor toolset. You can watch a short tutorial in the video above.

It seems devilishly simple - a point, click and drag will spread out your subterranean hellpit, level by level, and most scripting options are handled by short, user-friendly menus. The inclusion of Lua scripting could provide a little extra flair for the code-savvy but the layman will still be able to craft the Tomb of Horrors in no time.

Very cool, indeed.

No word yet on when we'll get the free update that includes the map editor but, rest assured, when it happens, I am there.

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