Thursday, June 14, 2012

[WATCH] New CGI Footage That Shows... Thief 4!?

Here's the first semi-legit footage from Thief 4. EGMNow's wonderful Matthew Bennett sniffed this one out early today and although it's but a scant morsel, those familiar with the franchise will be very piqued.

This video comes to us from Goldtooth Creative, the talent behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution's exemplary CGI cutscenes. As Bennett reports, the studio seems to be in a bit of a scrape as development is rumored to have slowed. All the evidence suggests the revival of the Thief series could make a huge splash in the next generation.

It's pretty grainy but watchable. It appears to be from an intro of some sort, showing the titular thief, Garrett, suiting up and flashing his gadgets around.

Look cool? Let us know what you think. Which Thief title was your favorite?


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