Monday, June 11, 2012

[PREVIEW] Wii U Functionality in Pikmin 3 Was M.I.A.

As always, the unfailingly chipper Shigeru Miyamoto was on stage at Nintendo's E3 keynote. Last year he was showing Skyward Sword. This time, he brought a red Pikmin with him in the breast pocket of his jacket.

As always, Miyamoto-san, with his toothy grin, seemed sure of himself - sure of the AAA content he's no doubt going to bring to the Wii U. But if Nintendo is considering Pikmin 3 as the flagship for the new console's multiple screen functionality, it's odd that the new features were absent from their E3 demo.

Through a translator, Miyamoto described how the extra screen on the Wii U controller would allow players to control multiple groups of those sprightly slaveworkers, each reporting to their own leader, along with other features.

But they weren't ready to show those at E3, apparently, because the demo was Dry Bones.

Nonetheless, Joystiq has a short but sweet preview extolling the virtues of Nintendo's first HD graphic chipset and the ever-present charm we've come to love and expect from first party Nintendo titles.

Go! Read!

SOURCE: Joystiq

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