Friday, January 27, 2012

Fan-sourced Star Wars is endearing, eerily accurate


Some may remember when first made the scene in 2009 and started asking fans to cobble together 15-second clips of the iconic franchise, however they liked.

Almost three years later, we're beginning to see some ROI. Hit the jump to watch and marvel.

While I'm a little late on this, I wanted this to be watchable on OMNIpixel, so, here we go - Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, frankensteined together with old Kenner dolls action figures, gold-painted tin foil,  LEGOs and terrible (TERRIBLE) accents.

The biggest triumph in this messy yet vibrant homage is the frame-by-frame precision that the clips' producers held in regards to the source material.

Thank Aaron Valdez (video editing) and Bryan Pugh (sound editing/mixing) for enriching your lives today.

Enjoy! And sound off in the comments!

Source:, YouTube

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