Saturday, January 21, 2012

OMNIpixel is live!

This is an exciting new venture for The Tribune-Democrat - a court for geeks, technophiles and web addicts, but with a local bent. 

We hope to make your chief bookmark for the latest in Internet trends, shiny new tech, "must-have" gadgetry and, of course, the vidya, by shirking the dry, colorless voice of traditional print media.

Anything goes here. (Editor's note: No. No, not really. Almost anything.) 

In the court of OMNIpixel, the voice of the Internet is king. Or Jarl. And YOU are all my Thanes. It's mostly an honorary title, but at least you're not part of the common rabble.

We at OMNIpixel want to know what's trending in your digital life - whether it's the latest Android device, the next Call of the Battlefield: Modern Derpfare 5 or your new favorite meme.

Tell all the cool kids about us and don't forget to Ctrl+D, son.

Want to help contribute to OMNIpixel? We need your free content help to fill this blog! 

E-mail the OMNIpixel Chieftain at:
Seek us out on the Twittersphere: @OMNIpixel 

Send us ALL THE THINGS! that you would like to see featured on OMNIpixel...

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