Monday, April 16, 2012

Bethesda Hyping... Something with Vague Image

This is a picture that's made its way around the Internets by now. It was posted on the official Bethesda Facebook earlier today, with a description reading simply, "Tomorrow."

It's very grainy, very muddled and there's no sure way to tell which of Bethesda's growing franchises this pic relates to. If only we could get a better look...

Wait, wait, I've seen this on TV... ... ENHANCE!

That's a little better. We can see the shirtless, pensive one is being spoken to by someone with a serious 'fro and - is that a pointed ear?

Speculative redditors on r/Skyrim feel it's heralding the release of the Elder Scrolls V "Thalmor Murder DLC" (colloquial title) which puts a young Ulfric Stormcloak in the hands of the Thalmor. 

A poster on the BethSoft Facebook, while skirting the Thalmor idea, points out that the lit man looks like Bethesda's stock Dovahkiin - the one that was featured in promo material and on the Skyrim cover - sans Iron Helmet.

Bethesda has recently claimed to be approaching an official reveal of the first wave of Skyrim DLC and it should be noted that since Skyrim's blockbuster November 2011 release, fans have clamored for a scenario that delves into the Thalmor organization.

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