Thursday, April 5, 2012

SOPA Being Resurrected? MPAA Head Thinks So

It appears the Stop Online Piracy Act could be back from beyond the legislative grave.

As Ars Technica reports, Chris Dodd, the former senator from Connecticut and current head of the Motion Picture Association of America, told The Hollywood Reporter he's "confident" that there are "conversations going on now" in regards to SOPA-style legislation.

Apparently, some people do not remember what happened last time Congress tried to push censoring legislation on the Internet. Seriously, I'm not going through another Reddit Blackout Day. That day was so boring.

Ars says Dodd was rumored to have given
these t-shirts out at an MPAA staff retreat
Life can be tough for an old watchdog that no one wants around anymore. Millions of Internet users showed just how unwanted organizations like the MPAA and RIAA are when it comes to freedom of online expression with the "Great Internet Blackout" of 2012.

But anti-SOPA activists the Internet over would be crazy to think they'd seen the last of the Hollywood lobbyist machine.  

Denied a serious foothold by President Obama's opposition to unconstitutional bills, Dodd didn't even want to go into the blackout fiasco. But he told THR he is "confident (Obama's) using his good relationships in both communities" to foster an understanding.

THR also reports that the timing of the Megaupload raid (January 19, or, exactly one day after the SOPA blackout) wasn't a coincidence or a conspiracy - the U.S. government knew Megaupload CEO Kim Dotcom was throwing a birthday party that day and authorities would be able to bag all the "assets" in one fell swoop.

This is like those horror movies where it ends and you think everything's cool and then the killer jumps out of the backseat or there's a shrill scream before the credits.

Get. With. The. Program.

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