Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Anonymous goes after Canadian MP Vic Toews

The hacker collective known as Anonymous has set its sights on Canadian MP and Public Safety Minister Vic Toews over a piece of proposed legislation that will require Canadian ISPs to report users' online activity to authorities, sans warrant.

They released a "communiqué" with all the Anon trappings (text-to-voice speech and a nerd movie score - this one's from The Dark Knight) to threaten Toews with "Operation White North," a large dump of incriminating documents that could spoil Toews' moral platform.

Anonymous' video and details inside...

The Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act (Bill C30) opens up several dangerous doors in terms of web privacy. CTV Ottawa reports that information gathered on ISP subscribers in this fashion will be loosely guarded or duped - at the same time, absolving ISPs of any liability in giving up said information.

In the above video, Anonymous is demanding that Toews "kill Bill C30" (HA!)

Who's to say what Anonymous has on Toews? Information regarding the grimy specifics of Toews' divorce (i.e. impregnated his teenage mistress/accusations of family abandonment grimy) were already publicized by Twitter user @Vikileaks30 before the account's shutdown.
"We know all about you, Mr. Toews, and during Operation White North we will release what we have unless you scrap this bill."
So remember, Canadians...

SOURCE: Boing Boing via CTV Ottawa

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