Thursday, February 9, 2012

Electronic Arts CFO Eric Brown moves to Polycom

Another story about someone leaving EA.

This time, it's not a customer - it's upper management. Maybe ex-EA CFO Eric Brown is also having problems with his Origin account?

Telecommunications firm Polycom now welcomes Brown as their new CFO/COO. Is the timing fortuitous? Customer satisfaction is at an all-time low after the introduction of EA's Steam-esque digital distribution service, Origin - which, in terms of technological backbone, is nothing like Steam.

When I think of EA's current marketing scheme(s), it reminds me of Mel Brooks' character from Spaceballs.

But instead of collectible lunchboxes and adorable dolls, Origin has conjured a horrific gamut of negative customer interaction while gorging themselves on over $1 billion in online revenue from the recent trifecta of SW:TOR, Battlefield 3 and FIFA '12.

Not to mention that Mass Effect 3 tidbits will start seeping into your social sphere. Come ON.

I like Joystiq editor Alexander Sliwinski's angle:

"I am delighted to join Polycom at such an exciting time," said Brown, in a read-between-the-lines press release issued by his new employer. "With Polycom's software strategy, open platform approach, broad ecosystem of partners, and strong brand loyalty among its huge installed base, I believe the company is ideally poised to capitalize on this new model."
Just the right amount of veiled snark.

SOURCE: Joystiq via Polycom & EA

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