Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[RUMOR] iPad3 resolution higher than 1080p

 More leaked photos of rumored iPad 3 guts are making their rounds on the intarwebs. Among the speculation and rumor mongering going on right now, there's enticing details about Apple's new tablet - chief among them is a native resolution that makes 1080p look like a LeapFrog.

To put it in perspective - that's a crisper display than the TV you use to watch Dancing with the Stars.

The rumored "A5X" logic board shown in the top photo was apparently taken by a factory worker and disseminated through China's WeiPhone message board. The "X" most likely indicates a prototype chip - it's natural for Apple to tweak an existing piece of tech for a new device, only to replace it with the real, live rounds before mass production.

And, wait a second - I thought Foxconn employees were worked to the bone? Obviously not if they have time to snap cellphone pics and lollygag on BBS's. Kidding. They do brave work.

Most surprising/exciting is Eurogamer's report (and MacRumors' confirmation) that the iPad 3's retina display will have a 2048x1536 display, with around four times the pixel count of the iPad 2.

From Eurogamer:

"As it happens, most of these leaks are eminently plausible precisely because of the lack of surprises they offer. MacRumors says its OEM replacement screen confirms that the new iteration of the iPad offers a 4x resolution boost over the existing 1024x768 4:3 panel, offering up a mammoth 2048x1536 pixel count. The implications are immense: this would offer an increase in resolution of over 51 per cent compared to the 1080p plasma or LCD you may have in your living room or office, and within its 4:3 aspect ratio it will easily be able to display a full HD movie rendered in native resolution with real estate to spare. All this on what we would assume is the same 9.7-inch sized screen as the current iPad."
See for yourself:

This would mean that the A5X SoC (system on chip) is a precursor to more powerful innards, to support such a blinding res.

For all your nonexistent tech fantasies, MicGadget has a collection of speculated specs for the iPad 3 (see what I did there?)

Check 'em out.

SOURCE: Eurogamer | MacRumors | MicGadget | CNN


  1. Interesting, looking forward for the day that it will be release.

    1. It's likely Apple will announce iPad 3 sometime in the next month or two so we could have it as early as summer!