Monday, February 20, 2012

Humble Bundle Mojam puts up almost $500k for charity

On Sunday, the "Humble Bundle Mojam" wrapped up. The Mojam was a fast-paced, 60-hour indie game development marathon headed up by Minecraft's Mojang.

Wolfire Games and Oxeye Game Studio also participated in the Mojam (which, judging by the video, was more of a big kid sleepover than anything.)

Three new indie titles were made in that two-and-a-half day timeframe and over 81,000 purchases were made under the Humble Bundle's "pay what you want" model.

When all the numbers were tallied, the event raised $458,243.95 for four charities: Penny Arcade's Child's Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, charity: water and the American Red Cross.

Read more to see in-game footage of the indie devs' labors...

The developers live-streamed the event on the Humble Bundle website for thousands of spectators - donators were involved in the design process through a live chat.

Mojang - "Catacomb Snatch"

A steampunk-flavored shoot-em-up set in ancient Egypt, Catacomb Snatch players blast their way through densely populated levels, hoarding piles and piles of satisfying lewt with which they can buy new items/equipment.

Wolfire Games  - "The Broadside Express"

A... steampunk-ish... wartrain... uh... sim... from Wolfire promises a never-ending supply of gushy, sand-crawling bug creatures to splatter with side-mounted artillery (hence, the name). Players can hook-up with new cars that litter the desert wasteland for added firepower.

Footage for Oxeye's "Fists of Resistance" is scant (read: nonexistent) since the finished version hasn't been released yet, so instead, here's footage from the Mojam's live-stream of Mojang's Notch and Jakob slapping each other with strips of raw bacon in celebration of hitting $300,000.

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