Saturday, March 3, 2012

Little white plug-in strips your network in seconds

The PWN Plug, from
It's called the "Pwn Plug" and it is quickly becoming the new weapon of choice for Infosec specialists. This small, pearly box connects directly to a local network and - through a pre-installed suite of hacker tools - attempts to quickly compromise the network for remote access.

This little baby is virtually indistinguishable from other simple plug-in devices - air fresheners, power cords and the like - especially with "camouflaged" models.

Pwnie Express CEO Dave Porcello says this is the next evolution of a hacker dropbox.

I say, "Hack the Planet."

Wired reports that after developing this Antisec Swiss Army Knife, Porcello started getting orders from Fortune 500 companies and the Department of Defense. As it turns out, Porcello's Pwn Plug can be a big money-saver for companies looking to perform penetration tests - or "pentests" - of the branch office networks.

“The whole point is plug and pwn,” says Porcello. “Walk into a facility, plug it in, wait for the text message. Before you even get to the parking lot you should know it’s working.”

The basic model will run you $480; the Pwn Plug Elite goes for $730 but allows a mobile network connection.

Go read Wired's story - it also follows a pentester that broke into a national-level bank on the West Coast with one of these things (and got paid for it... wait, can I change my career path?)

SOURCE: Wired | PwnieExpress

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