Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[WATCH] The "Heavy Hitters" of Bioshock Infinite in action

The last installment of Bioshock Infinite's "heavy hitters" dev diary made its debut yesterday, featuring the fourth enemy in a line of vintage badassery. OMNIpixel has compiled all four parts in this post. Hit the jump for a glimpse of the enemies you'll tangle with in Infinite's Columbia on October 16.

The Motorized Patriot

A freakish animatronic George Washington bears down on Infinite's protagonist Booker with a huge chain gun called the "Pepper Mill," spewing famous Washington quotes like "blood is the price of liberty." And what would a Bioshock enemy be without a disturbing, mangled porcelain face?

The Handyman

The Handyman made its first appearance in Infinite's reveal trailer, snatching Elizabeth from her balcony with large mechanical hands. Creative Director Ken Levine says the Handymen are "quite agile for their size and quite powerful" - very reminiscent of Bioshock 2's Big Sister. They can toss NPCs and players alike with their robotically augmented strength.

Boys of Silence

The Boys of Silence can be best described as a roaming security camera from the original Bioshock. They're inherently blind but have two long gramophones on each side of their bulbous, brass head-tanks which gives them acute hearing. One squeak out of Booker and they'll call for backup with a chilling, otherworldly wail.


You can thank psychic medium/modern day huckster John Edward for this character concept. The Siren is a ethereally floating woman whose song brings Booker's foes back from the dead. Levine says the original spec came from the séance craze of the early century, when shows like Crossing Over with John Edward and Ghost Hunters vied for primetime attention. Levine says most of the tension you'll feel when dealing with the Siren is whether to engage the pale piper herself or deal with her reborn baddies.


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