Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[RUMOR] PS4 Snubs Used Games, Backwards Compatibility

A trusted source has tipped Kotaku that the next iteration of Sony's PlayStation will lock out used titles - a feature that seems to be catching on as of late. Kotaku says the source is "reliable" but "not authorized to talk publicly about next-gen hardware..."

Oh, and there's a name: "Orbis."

Read on for a bevy of unconfirmed details...

Kotaku's cipher experts researched the next PlayStation's name - whether Orbis is just a codename is still unclear - and found that, in Latin, Orbis means "circle." Combine that with the name of Sony's new handheld, the Vita - or "life" in Latin - and you get something that Lion King fans can get behind.

Focusing on the symbolism these two names bring suggests an integrated connectivity (the "circle of life"). Kotaku says it's quite likely Orbis could end up being the official moniker. 

As for specs, Kotaku's source said "select developers" are bring prepped to work with AMD x64 CPUs and the new AMD Southern Islands GPU, capable of rendering 2D games up to a resolution of 4096x2160 and 3D games in 1080p. Kotaku's insider says dev kits started going out early this year.

As far as used games go, the source claims that new titles, purchased either in Blu-Ray or through PSN,  will be locked to one PSN account. Sell that game to ye local Game Stoppe and the poor, unassuming soul who buys it with their radical used merch discount will only have access to a trial version which they must pay to unlock. This is also going to mean users will have to be logged in to PSN in order to play most if not all of Sony's next-gen library.

According to Kotaku, Orbis doesn't care about the past-gen library - while backwards compatibility was featured briefly for the PS3 at launch but later snuffed, the new NEW PlayStation won't even try.

The source told Kotaku that "finalized beta kits" will be hitting developers' offices in late 2012 and Orbis is set to launch for the 2013 holiday season. 

How do you feel about the abandonment of the used games market by (currently) two console developers? Better for the business? Worse on your wallet? Sound off in the comments!

SOURCE: Kotaku

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