Friday, March 30, 2012

MW3 Players Stage April 20 Blackout

The Call of Duty community is not happy. Gamers fed up with the lack of post-launch support for the blockbuster FPS have organized a blackout on April 20, 2012. The dissidents released a YouTube video with a storied list of complaints that Infinity Ward must appease.

Hit the jump for the full list demands and aforementioned video.

The blackout is set to last 24 hours and hopes to resolve the following grievances:
  • Lag compensation fix
  • Matchmaking options which include the ability to enable, disable local search and base search off the party leader when playing with friends
  • A fix for the "broken" spawn system
  • A full-featured theater mode
  • Individual volume controls in the options menu
  • Have the TAC insert removed from kill confirmed
  • More hardcore game modes
  • Better elite playlist options
  • Objective stats on in-game scoreboard
  • An akimbo machine pistol nerf
  • Removal of any assault killstreaks from the support package
  • Removal of deathstreaks
  • A fix of local area network settings for competitive events
Anyone interested in taking part can follow @MW3Blackout on Twitter or use #MW3Blackout.

It's doubtful that the indignant few can make a splash next to the hundreds of thousands that make MW3 one of XBL and PSN's most-played games, but hey, more power to 'em.


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