Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kickstarter Endures Crowdfunding Scam

Well, the Internet consensus seems to be: it was only a matter of time. Someone had to go and be that guy - the guy that attempts to swindle online investors via a video game pitch.

Mythic: The Story of Gods and Men (not italicizing it because it's not a real work) has been outed by the Kickstarter community for flagrant plagiarism of artistic assets. Read on for the Mythic "trailer" and comments from Scammy McScammerton himself.

See if you can tell where the "in-game assets" used for this trailer came from

Seth Westfall, one of Little Monster
Productions' co-founders/swindlers
Little Monster Productions, the team of 12 "industry veterans" that supposedly included former Activision and Blizzard devs, denies the allegations. 

“As for the concept art, it seems we have been subjected to false claims of ownership right to our concepts. The game itself is well in progress and is NOT a scam of any kind," read a statement on Mythic's Kickstarter page. 

Of the $80,000 dollars LMP was looking to pick up to give Mythic the "graphics of Skyrim" and the "gameplay of World of Warcraft," only $5,000 was pledged. 

This was the best I could do
But I mean, come onSkyrim AND WoW? That should have been the first red flag.

Since LMP hastily cancelled their project once they'd been discovered, nobody's purses were cut, as Kickstarter only transacts from pledgees once the project has hit its funding goal.

I tried making a mashup meme with "Not Sure If Fry" and "Shut Up and Take My Money Fry" but my Photoshop skills are abhorrent. Help?

SOURCE: Develop | Kickstarter

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