Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[WATCH] Game of Thrones' Westeros Being Built in Minecraft

A speedy tour of Westeros in all its pixellated finery

I know, I know - another Game of Thrones post.

Oh, the horror.

But here, I get to combine my A Song of Ice and Fire passion with my vidya passion and give you this: Fanatic fools that are re-creating George R. R. Martin's world of Westeros - all on a lone Minecraft server (dubbed "A Server of Ice and Fire" - tee hee.)

Click through for more video and to watch a live map of the blocky Westerosi construction...

Time-lapse video of The Wall's Castle Black rising from the northern snow

King's Landing, the Westerosi capital
You can thank WesterosCraft lead Jacob Granberry for the video and photos. Using a custom tileset available on the group's official website, Granberry and his crack team of builders have been working feverishly over the past few months on recreating the Seven Kingdoms and hope to have it all finished in the coming months.

Think you know more about the points and angles atop the Great Sept of Baelor? Anyone can jump in and help the WC crew, simply apply in their forums

Inside the Red Keep at King's Landing, where the
Iron Throne sits
Just don't be a griefer - Granberry told Kotaku that the photos you see here may be outdated as interlopers trashed much of their work in the last few months. And be wary, TV show fans: you'll be working with grizzled ASoIaF vets - book spoilers may fly casually in the chat.

Currently, the WC guys say they have no plans to release the map for download. But perhaps they don't feel it's ready for release.

Patience. The Seven Kingdoms weren't built in a day.

Click here to watch players craft (and mine) Westeros - live

Time-lapse video of the raising of Dragonstone, ancient home of the Targaryens and the seat of King Stannis Baratheon

SOURCE: Kotaku 1 | 2 | WesterosCraft

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