Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[OMG] Diablo 3's Dark, Disturbed Secret

See that image above? Fill your eyes. Cherish it.

Where we're going, the most depraved and desensitized are given cause to shudder.

User "Zerofire" on the European brought this evil upon us. His mortal meddling in the demonic world of Diablo 3 has caused a rift, through which unspeakable horror creeps and threatens all.

Read on to see harrowing, unedited footage of Zerofire's discovery...


Ok, so it's not all gloom-and-doom. It's actually a very keen inside joke, for those who remember the first gameplay footage from D3 that dropped long ago. That footage was very... bright and colorful. More WoW than Diablo, really. 

The soft pastels and crystalline lighting effects drew much ire from the hardcore Diablo community. Many felt the art direction needed much more Satan

So, we're given Whimsyshire, a secret area akin to Diablo 2's sadistic "cow" level. It's as close as we'll ever come to a "Hundred Acre Wood" expansion pack.

If you follow the link to Zerofire's post on the EU below, you can follow the convoluted steps he took to bridge the gap between Earth and fragrant, rainbow-colored hell

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