Saturday, May 5, 2012

[WATCH] Animated Game of Thrones Shorts Before They're Pulled

History & Lore | The History of House Targaryen

Here - here's your Saturday afternoon. You're welcome.

HBO apparently commissioned dozens of high-quality animated (see: "moving comic") shorts that flesh out the world of A Song of Ice and Fire. All of them (I think) have been perilously uploaded to YouTube by user "garfield200777" - who is also a huge Will & Grace fan.

History & Lore | The Old Gods and the New

Want to learn about Aegon the Conqueror and the signifiance of the Targaryens' three-headed dragon crest? How about when the Night's Watch was founded and how The Wall was built?

History & Lore | The History of the Night's Watch

You can get these artsy little vignettes in the Game of Thrones Season 1 DVD set - or watch them all in order at the YouTube playlist link below. Hard to say how long these will be online before HBO gets wind of it.

Quick! Popcorn!


SOURCE: Reddit [r/ASoIaF] via i09 | YouTube [via garfield200777]

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