Friday, May 11, 2012

[WATCH] Leaked Beyond Good & Evil 2 Footage

Take a spinning tour around this back-alley market from Beyond Good & Evil 2 - the exorbitant amount of detail and rich texturing was rendered using the in-game engine

What a rollercoaster ride this one's been - Beyond Good & Evil made a quiet splash when it dropped for all the last-gen platforms in 2003. 

A messianic sequel has long been rumored, but official announcements and concrete details are scant and fleeting, leading many to wonder where the projects stands today.

Currently, EGMNow's getting riled again over footage that surfaced on Unseen64. Ubisoft lead Michel Ancel claims the clip is from 2009 (above). Read more to see more video of BG&E2 that has trickled in over the last few years.

The first teaser released for BG&E2's announcement at the Louvre in Paris, made entirely from the in-game engine

Above we see a teaser trailer that served as the first and last word in official BG&E2 hype. It came around in 2008, part of the game's official announcement that went down at Paris' Louvre museum.

Ubisoft noted the clip was put together by the in-game engine. The first clip you saw was the same, but showing notable lighting improvements and hyper-detailed environs. Also like the first clip is the last one I have for you:

The shaky camera effect when Jade's at a dead sprint is too cool to be real - just how much of this is in-game footage??

The above footage also leaked in 2009, when Ubisoft Montpellier was still full steam ahead on the sequel. It's fairly late in this current console generation to be expecting BG&E2 any time soon. If you would have asked me this time last year, I would have said forget about it entirely.

But we'll be following this one verrry closely in the months to come - come back here to get the latest.

There may be life in the old girl yet...

SOURCE: EGMNow | Unseen64

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