Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WOW | Cliffy, Carmack, Newell Coo Over Impressive New VR Tech

Source: Kickstarter   
And now for something completely different.

Remember VR? Virtual Reality. If you were born in the early 90s, probably not. It was a big thing back in the day. Then again, so were Pogs.

Traditionally resigned to the lonely back corner of your local Dave & Buster's and several mainstream yet pathetic, failed hardware attempts (Virtual Boy, anyone?), Palmer Luckey a "pluckey" young dev from Oculus VR, is now receiving emphatic support from some of the biggest names in the biz.

Scientific simultaion of what happens the first time you put on the Oculus Rift headset. "Whoa..."
"What I've got now is, I honestly think, the best VR demo probably the world has ever seen," said John Carmack, holding the Oculus Rift headset in his hands at E3 2012. "We're certainly going to take this into our future projects."

Cliffy B also says he's a "believer" and even Gabe Newell wants a slice of this pie. (Sorry... Not sorry.)

It's surprising to see this kind of backing for tech that's been long regarded as risky or a "catastrophic failure the likes of which the project leads' careers will never recover from" but here we are.

Oculus VR's Kickstarter video touts the extremely low latency of the headset — historically the largest drawback to VR technology — and its 110 degree range of vision, a feat which hasn't been achieved until now.

Doom 3 is allegedly Oculus-ready and Kickstarters can get ahold of a Rift dev kit and SDK, Unreal Engine and Unity Engine integration as well as the Doom 3 BFG Edition at the $275 or up pledge mark.

See you on the other side!

VIA: Kotaku
SOURCE: Kickstarter

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