Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Court Rules Cops Can Track You by Phone Without a Warrant

A 2 - 1 ruling handed down by the Sixth District Court of Appeals yesterday makes anyone who has a smartphone smelly.

Don't get so injured, unwashed people. We're talking about the smell of the GPS signal coming from your phone. The court decided that the odor it gives off is fair game for authorities to use when "sniffing out" perps — no warrant necessary.

The perp in question here, Melvin Skinner, tried to invoke the Fourth Amendment to get his phone data thrown out, but to no avail.
(Judge John) Rogers likened it to the use of dogs tracking a scent, and criminals complaining they didn't know they were giving one off, or that the dog had picked it up.
The whole court document is below in all its stuffiness.

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