Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WATCH | A New Far Cry 3 Trailer from gamescom

Taking a leap from their tried-and-true singleplayer FPS routine, Ubisoft revealed four-player co-op mode for their latest jungle island bullet romp, Far Cry 3.

Let the Left 4 Dead comparisons commence. Here's mine: One department in which Ubisoft has Valve beat is ethnic diversity.

The first L4D was like a sitcom — the devil-may-care stylings of rough-stuff biker Francis juxtaposed with 'Nam vet Bill's no-nonsense, geriatric humbuggery. Black office worker Louis was tossed in as an everyman (and for keeping it real.) L4D2 added a second black person, because it is the South, after all.

But this Far Cry trailer is on a whole other level, man — like, if Guy Ritchie directed a public service announcement for UNESCO. The guest list on this wackily violent pleasure cruise:
  • Leonard | Crooked cop, filthy Yank, Dennis Franz aficionado
  • Mikhail | Russian hitman, moose and squirrel aficionado
  • Tisha | Ex-U.S. Army, touch chick, has tattoos to prove it
  • Callum | Scottish thug, Snatch extra, most muddled accent
They've all got that romantic and mysterious "shadowy past" thing going on and must work together, carving a path to the villainous ship captain with trails of hot lead.

According to the trailer, Far Cry 3 will be erhältlich on September 6.

SOURCE: gamescom

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