Wednesday, August 29, 2012

GO GO GO | Get Your Free One-Month Hulu Plus Subscription

With Hulu's abhorrent film selection and nigh unnavigable interface, it's not something I'd recommend someone actually shell out hard-earned dollars for. Luckily, this month, you don't have to.

As part of a promotion for Roku customers, anyone with a credit card can get in on the free binge TV action, even those who have used free trials in the past. Head to this link right meow and get The Office on your iPhone; Community on your TiVo or Roku. The possibilities aren't actually endless but varied enough to appear that way!

Hurry - there's probably only a few days left on this. And don't forget to set a reminder to cancel your subscription in one month - after the trial is over, auto-pay will dock your credit card $7.99 each month.

I'll be balefully drudging through season four of Heroes because I never did in 2009 and I'm also a masochist. But I'll take free sadism over paid sadism any day.

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