Wednesday, August 22, 2012

OMG | Black Isle Studios Returns! ... With No One From Black Isle Studios Onboard

The KING of PC RPG's, Black Isle Studios, is BACK — is what we would be saying if Black Isle Studios didn't scatter to the winds aeons ago, its top talent now working in far flung pockets of the gaming industry.

But, Interplay seems excited about it.

NeoGAF came across a new URL for the studio, which is licensed to Interplay. There's also a Facebook and Twitter. Mucho official.

You may remember a little RPG called Fallout. No, not Fallout 3 or New Vegas. The first Fallout. It was developed by Black Isle Studios back in the dizzay. Also, Baldur's Gate. No, not the last-gen console iterations, found in the bargain bin at your local GameSlop — the top-down, hyper-tactical, charm-oozing PC legend.

Well, forget all that, because while no one knows who's on the "new" Black Isle team, it sure ain't anyone from the aforementioned dizzay.
That's Brian Fargo, executive producer for Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game (yeah, I used the full title. It's classy) and founder of InXile Entertainment. If he's learning about its resuscitation at the same time we are, it's pretty safe to say he's not involved. 

Which is a shame, as he told RipTen back in March that he'd love to rebuild the Black Isle brand.

"Nothing would make me happier," he said.

In the same article, RipTen caught up with Chris Avellone, currently with Obsidian as project lead on their DLC-gorged Fallout: New Vegas:
Brian gave me my first job in the industry, I loved being at Interplay while he was there, and I love Wasteland. If there was a way to work both with Obsidian and work with Brian and InXile, I would do it. 
Here's Avellone on Twitter today:
Now, instead of golden-age RPG hopefulness, we're staring down the barrel of what appears to be a bait-and-switch on Interplay's part — using Black Isle's street cred to drum up interest in... whatever it is Interplay's got going on over there.

Joystiq is reporting that this is the handiwork of Interplay CEO Herve Caen, although he hasn't yet been reached for comment. But don't empty, hype-laden Internet announcements speak for themselves?

VIA: Joystiq via NeoGAF

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