Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WATCH | A New Trailer for Indie Hopeful Lifeless Planet

When indie dev David Board's PC and mobile game Lifeless Planet came to Kickstarter in late September, its goal was a modest $8,500. The project pitch site found him backers that would more than double that number.

Proof that concept equals currency. There's not much razzmatazz in this toned down, exploratory thriller, except for the term "cinematic" being thrown about in taglines describing it — all Board has is the novel concept. But it is a freaking cool concept.

Lifeless Planet takes place 20 light years from Earth, as a lone spaceman (the player) searches for means of supporting life on a supposedly untouched alien world. A Russian space station is discovered and we learn the Space Race may have been a "tortoise and the hare" situation all along.

Rock, Paper Shotgun reports Lifeless Planet is due in winter. PAX Prime goers can get hoof it over Lifeless Planet's scorched, haunting horizons when it makes its show floor debut in Seattle on August 31.